Knife Party

@knifepartyinc: we both decided given the opportunity we would 100% visit North Korea as tourists, why, not? First Djs to play North Korea win EDM

Haunted House is coming to London. 


HAUNTED HOUSE is coming to Ibiza...tomorrow! 


Our 'Haunted House' EP is OUT NOW. 


The 'Haunted House' EP will be released on Monday 6th May. 



Our second set from UMF Miami is now up on YouTube in full HD.

EP update information

Hey peeps

We've missed a couple deadlines on the EP, but we're delivering the masters on FRIDAY and it will be out shortly after that. Lateness is due to having lots of shows booked in recently, and also the unfortunate combination of being lazy perfectionists. Putting the final tweaks on everything right now and DESPITE the leaked versions roaming about...the new ones are much, much better ;)

Apologies and hold tight - not long now!

R+G / KP

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